Introducing Selah

Selah is an offshoot of my medieval blog Heavenfield, a place to continue a series of posts that began there on the psalms in particular and spirituality in general. I am particularly interested in the evolution of private, lay devotional materials. The psalter (or Book of Psalms) has always been at the heart of private devotional materials. These materials run the entire spectrum from the psalters of early medieval monks (who may or may not have been ordained) to the modern Book of Common Prayer. By lay materials I mean things were designed for the laity or could be used by the laity, primarily Books of Hours and devotional anthologies.

The Distilled Prayer project from Heavenfield will move over to this site. Web pages will appear on this site to index the related posts from Heavenfield and to continue the study of the early breviate psalters. I think in time there will be an expansion into later medieval Books of Hours as well.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Selah

  1. I agree, this should be very interesting indeed!

    Thank you for putting your research and thoughts concerning Psalters online in this form.

    Dn. Gregory

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