Alcuin, Abbot of Tours

Odd how we always call Alcuin “of York” isn’t it? Perhaps it should be Alcuin, Abbot of Tours? Given the importance of St Martin of Tours in the monastic movement, this was surely a coveted position and perhaps how he would want to be remembered. Well, either way, we should remember Alcuin today as it is his feast day.

Today’s Speaking to the Soul over at the Episcopal Cafe has a short post on Alcuin’s influence here. Interesting how this book excerpt stresses the Celtic influence on Alcuin. It is worth pointing out here that Bede’s Abbreviated Psalter was one of the devotional materials that Alcuin put in at least one of these little books. Alcuin was responsible for spreading a lot of Bede’s works. This is a topic I’ll have to revisit someday when I have more time.