May 25: Bede the Venerable

To celebrate St Bede’s Feast day today, here is a new collect:

Heavenly Father, your servant Bede was a true scribe of the kingdom, devoting his life to teaching the rough and the eloquent the mysteries of your Scripture and creation: Grant that we share his devotion to exploring the mysteries of your Word and creation in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord who in the unity of the trinity now and forever. Amen

And three prayers of Bede’s composition:

From On Ezra-Nehemiah (DeGregorio, 2006: 226)

“Highest father of lights, by whom every excellent thing is given and from whom every perfect gift descends, you have given me, the humblest of your servants, both the love and the aid to consider the wonders of your law, and have manifested to me, unworthy though I am, the grace to not only grasp the ancient offerings in the treasury of this prophetic book but also to discover new ones beneath the veil of the old and to bring them forth for the use of my fellow servants – Remember me with favour, oh my God.”

From Ecclesiastical History of the English People, V:25 (McClure and Collins, 1994:295):

And I pray thee, merciful Jesus, that as Thou hast graciously granted me sweet draughts from the Word which tells of Thee, so wilt Thou, of Thy goodness, grant that I may come at length to Thee, the fount of all wisdom, and stand before Thy face for ever.

From On the Apocalypse (Douglas Day, Christ the Golden-Blossum, 2001, p. 17):

Grant us your light, O Lord, that the darkness in our hearts being wholly passed away we may come at last to the light, which is Christ. For Christ is the morning star, who when the night of this world has passed, brings to his saints the promised light of life, and opens to them eternal day. Amen.


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