May 30: Joan of Arc

As far as I can tell, the Anglican Communion still doesn’t have a collect for the feast day of Joan of Arc, so I am offering one here. Hopefully Joan will be on the Episcopal Church calendar soon.

Almighty God, you raised a mere village girl, Joan of Arc, to effectively lead the armies of France in protection her people and country, how great is your power! May we have Joan’s strength and perseverance in faith in our time of trial, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord in the unity of the Trinity. Amen.

The Magnificant works wonderfully for Joan. Read through it with Joan in mind. Its amazing how well Mary’s song works for the best known female warrior of all time.

Eventually I would like to eventually have a trial office up for Joan, maybe next year.


1 thought on “May 30: Joan of Arc

  1. Nice collect. It has a poetic quality and a nice invocation.

    Also, I like the idea of parallels between Mary and Joan–ideals of feminine warriors on different fronts, warriors of God in diverse ways, but both called to face adversity in bearing witness to God’s awesome powers.

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