EfM: Year 3 begins

This blog hasn’t been totally abandoned. With year 3 of EfM beginning, I hope to have more to post on in the near future. My group starts a little later than most so we are only three weeks in. The first two readings have been really high level overview of the year (chapter 1, 1500 years of history) and then the Roman empire to Jusitinian (chapter 2). Both chapters skim the surface so lightly it wouldn’t be fair to give them much of a critique. As a medieval history buff I am looking forward to this year a great deal, but am also a little leery of it. From what I have picked up from previous years in my group there will be plenty to critque and I’m sure I will have quite a few rants on important topics they omit.

So I’ll leave you with a great early medieval illumination. These illuminations are truly unbelievable and I think nearly impossible to appreciate unless you have at some point seen at least one in person. I was lucky enough to be in London in 2003 during an exhibition of the Lindisfarne Gospels and several others of the same era. These pages look far better than practically anything produced today, even though they are over 1000 years old and written on essentially leather.