Bishop Katharine on Earth Day 2008

Happy Earth Day! Bishop Katharine gives us a practical sermon for Earth Day 2008. She is preaching from the Chapel of Christ the King at the Episcopal Church Center in New York.

I’ll only add here that my congregation celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007 of sharing its campus with a Lutheran church. This is not an Episcopal-Lutheran fusion at all. We are two independent congregations that share one campus. We occasionally have a joint celebration for feast days like Good Friday or Ascension, and share a few ministries, but we are otherwise completely separate. It works quite well really. The parishes began sharing space in 1981-2 to give a new Lutheran parish help starting out. I don’t think that anyone then planned on us still sharing space over 25 years later.

I wonder how many in our congregations see our sharing a campus as an act of good stewardship for our Earth? Its clear that its seen as a cost savings arrangement that allows us to support more ministry work, but I think its environmental savings have been overlooked. We have 50% of the carbon footprint that we would have without our partner congregation.