St Bede’s Breviary

Derek the Ænglican over at Haligweorc released his St Bede’s Breviary on Monday. His project is a tour-de-force in both liturgy and computer design. Derek has produced a new Daily Office site that can be customized for Rite I/Rite II, six different prayerbook styles, and three different sactorales (church calendars). Once this is project is finished it will be a great gift to the church.

The appearance is fairly stark but this makes it usable by smaller devices. I’ve tried it out on my iPhone and it is manageable. I’ve read others say that it looks good on blackberries.

Check it out here:


1 thought on “St Bede’s Breviary

  1. Marvelous site! Do you know if the prayers can be downloaded to Kindle or Nook? Many blessings.

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