Finally… the de Brailes Hours

I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced copy of this book for literally years. Finally today it was waiting on my doorstep. Finding books on early Books of Hours that focus on more than the art is not easy.

The de Brailes Book of Hours is particularly important because it is the earliest independent English book of hours. Even though it is the earliest surviving copy it also gives plenty of evidence that there was already a thriving trade in Books of Hours for the laity. This book was made for a middle class woman by a professional book of hours maker, William de Brailes who lived in Oxford in about 1240.

This will give me a constant source of blogging material. Now if I can only find the time…

Oh and the book is:

Claire Donovan. 1991. The de Brailes Hours: Shaping the Book of Hours in Thirteenth-Century Oxford. Toronto and Buffalo: University of Toronto Press.