About Me

Hello! Welcome to Selah!

I started blogging under the name  Michelle of Heavenfield, but I’ve since given up that up. My name is Michelle Ziegler and this is my second blog. My first blog, Heavenfield, focuses on early medieval Britain and I am getting a third going now, called Contagions, that focuses on historic infectious disease. The purpose of Selah has changed over the couple years that it has been going now. I am still interested in the psalter, early medieval breviate psalters, early personal prayer books, and Books of Hours. Selah has also become a place to collect all topics on church history or the modern Episcopal church and Anglican Communion.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Very interested in both your blogs, have just finished dissertation on Iona/Lindisfarne [MA] and this overlaps with some of your own writing/reading. I wonder what you have looked at in the earliest Christian music?

  2. Is there any way to find out how old my Saint Benedict medal is. I can tell it’s VERY old and worn but I’ve been unable to find someone that could help me tract down age or origin. I can upload a pic if you think you can be of help.
    Thank you!!

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