Evolving Prayer Books

From the Bridwell special collection at Southern Methodist University

Note that “Oswaldi regis” is listed on the left page for August 5.


Medieval Devotional Books, Prayer Beads, and Books of Hours

The De Brailes Hours, c. 1250 England

The De Brailes Hours is the oldest surviving Book of Hours from England. It dates to about 1240 and came from Oxfordshire. It was made for a lay woman named Susanna by William De Brailes.



Exploring the Breviate Psalter Tradition (modern experiments)

  • Old Verses, New Prayers

The Psalter Today

Prayer Books Today

Dr Nokes’ blog “Before the Printing Press” on the effect of the printing press on education, religion and literacy. The printing press had a fundamental impact on prayer books, Books of Hours, and made the Book of Common Prayer (and the Reformation) possible.

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